Cube Beam Splitter, FOCtek

10mm, 50R/50T Cube Beamsplitter, k9, 450-650nm, FOCtek



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Cube beamsplitters are constructed by cementing two precision right angle prism together with appropriate interference coating on the hypotenuse surface. The absorption loss to the coating is minimal transmission and reflection approach 50% (average) though output is partially polarized. If polarization sensitivity is critical, FOCtek's Polarization Cube Beamsplitters or Non-polarization Cube Beamsplitters maybe the right choice for you.


Material:                           K9

Size:                                 10mm×10mm

Thickness:                        2mm

T/R:                                  50:50

Wavelength:                     450nm~650nm

Size Tolerance:                +/-0.2

Surface Quality:               60/40

Parallelism:                       <1′

Flatness:                             λ/4

Clear Aperture:                 >90%

Thickness Tolerance:       +/-0.2


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