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LineGene K Real Time PCR System, Bioer

LineGene K Real Time PCR system, M2, 2 channels, 48x0.2ml, Manual Lid, Bioer Technology

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Bioer Technology
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LineGeneK Real Time PCR System, M2
2 channels, 48x0.2ml, manual lid
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Line-Gene. K is the newest system in Bioer''s range of PCR detection systems. It features more advanced implementations of Peltier and fiber optic technology and a new direct current power system.

The new instruments share the Peltier effect and fiber optic design features that provide the exceptional accuracy and stability of the Line-Gene instruments.The new units offer improved uniformity,stability and accuracy by utilizing a constant-current power supply and an advanced multi-point temperature control module.The Line-Gene.K has improved temperature control and more uniform heating throughout the sample block to improve the accuracy of PCR detection.

The Line-Gene.K series is available in a range of automated FQD-48A(A4) and manual models FQD-48A(M2) with the ability to handle one, two, three or four combinations of excitation and emission wavelengths.
●Volume adaptation—software automatically adjusts heat exchange to differences in sample volumes.
●New multipoint temperature monitoring allows more accurate and uniform temperature control throughout the heating block.
●Gradient function—creates a temperature gradient across the sample block. Maximum 24℃ difference between row 1 and row 24.
●Sample preservation—after completion of experiment, the system can automatically refrigerate samples until they are moved to storage.
●Use of direct current power supply improves thermal efficiency and reduces power consumption by 30%.
●Improved optics—greater efficiency in fiber optic system provides reduced signal to noise ratio.
●Automatic hot lid—provides constant pressure and software-managed temperature control.
●Configuration upgradable—manual versions of the instrument can be upgraded to automatic. Systems can be upgraded from 1 wavelength to 4 wavelengths.
●Numerous data ports—choose from serial(RS 232),USB and ethernet connections for PC data interface.
●Multiple tube styles—the sample block will accept several styles of 0.2ml tubes including 8-tube strips.
●Data protection—system preserves experimental data if there is a power interruption during operation.
●Automatic amplitude adjustment—the instrument detects the fluorescence strength in the samples and automatically adjusts to the correct system sensitivity.
●New software—a new generation of Line-Gene software provides even greater convenience and more powerful functions.
●Upload software instructions—define experiment instructions with easy-to-use PC- based software,then upload to instrument.
●Overheating protection—if the operating environment exceeds the temperature range for operation within specification, the instrument will shut down.At 35℃the instrument will sound a warning;it will turn off at 40℃.

SNPs Detection
Line-Gene system is a multicolor fluorescence detection system and can carry out the detection analysis of SNPs.

2nd Derivative Maximum:
This method automatically calculates the maximum second derivative value of every fluorescent curve and defines this value as the Ct value.

Fit Points:
The user sets baseline and a threshold values then draws a threshold line.Based on user instructions,the software will select a number of sample points on the fluorescence curve that are above baseline and in the logarithmic phase into a line.The intersection of this line with the threshold line is defined as the Ct value.



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LineGene K Real Time PCR Manual (LineGeneK_realtime_PCR.pdf, 1,137 Kb) [Download]

LineGene K Real Time PCR Manual High Resolution (url_uploaded_file_137233951651cc3d3e78ed6, 1 Kb) [Download]

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