GeneTran Transient Protein Expression Transfection Reagent, Biomiga

Transfection Reagent for Transient Protein Expression, 1.5mL, Biomiga



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  • An additional proprietary reagent was developed to boost transient expression of antibody of interest by 10-30% from the regular transfection system.
  • Exceptional efficiency of transfection for a broad range of adherent cell types.
  • Especially good for embryonic stem (ES) cells and difficult-to-transect primary cultures.
  • Equally efficient for suspension cultures of HEK293, and sf9, sf21 and High 5 insect cells.
  • Higher efficiency and lower toxicity than all commercially available transfection reagents currently on the market.
  • Transfection efficiency not affected by serum. Works equally well in serum-containing (up to 20% FBS) or serum-free media.
  • Non-toxic or minimal cytotoxicity.
  • Extremely simple protocol for transfection, using only one reagent without the need for diluents or enhancers.
  • High levels of recombinant protein production at 24-72 hours after transfection.
  • Works very well for both single DNA transfection and multi-DNA co-transfection.
  • Low cost (Almost 50% price off compare to other major commercial products).

GT1212Biomiga_GeneTranTransientProteinExpressionUserGuidebyGeniCity (GT1212-Biomiga_GeneTranTansientProteinExpUserGuidebyGeniCity.pdf, 201 Kb) [Download]

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