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Plasmid ezFilter Maxi Kit, 10 Preps, Biomiga

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Plasmid ezFilter Maxi Kit, 10 Preps, Biomiga

Key to the kit is our proprietary DNA binding systems that allow the high efficient binding of DNA to our ezBindTM matrix while proteins and other impurities are removed by wash buffer. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with sterile water or Elution Buffer. Unlike other kits in the markets, our patented plasmid purification kit has no chaotropic salts in the buffer. The purified DNA is guanidine/anion exchange resin residues free.

This kit is designed for fast and efficient purification of plasmid DNA from 100 to 250 mL of E. coli culture. The maxi column has a plasmid DNA binding capacity of 1 mg.

The purified plasmid DNA is ready for downstream applications such as transfection of robust cells such as HEK293, restriction mapping, library screening, sequencing, as well as gene therapy and genetic vaccinations.