Bodkin's refractive collimator BB-152, Bodkin

Refractive Collimator BBC-152, Bodkin Design & Engineering


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Refractive Collimator attached on LWIR which allow infinity focus testing of IR cameras in the lab. Bodkin's refractive collimator BBC-58 has a 58 mm aperture and is suitable for smaller instruments. Bodkin's 150 mm aperture reflective collimator BBC-152 allows testing of larger IR cameras. The collimating mirror in this unit is an off-axis parabola so the output beam is completely unobstructed, avoiding any diffraction artifacts due to a fold mirror. Both mirrors are coated with protected aluminum so this unit can be used from the Visible through LWIR.


Unit:  BBC-58  BBC-152
Band Pass:  7-14 um  0.4-14 um
Focal Length:  75 mm  1.14 m
Aperture:  >58 mm  >152 mm


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