Vendor FAQ

How Does work?

  1. Innovative research tool manufacturers list their products on as third party vendors ("Vendors")
  2. process payments from buyers ("Buyers")
  3. Vendors ship products to Buyers ( or Buyers can download a software product)
  4. retains a small fee, deduct the bank transaction fee, and the majority of the payment from Buyers goes to the Vendor.


What kinds of products are sold on sells innovative research tools used in scientific & technology. Research tools include hardware, software and reagents. The research tool can be an early prototype or a mature commercial product.


Who can become a vendor?

 Manufacturers, inventors and researchers.


What are the requirements for becoming a Vendor on

 To be eligible as a vendor to sell products on, you must have:

  1. intellectual and legal rights to sell the products in the geographical area you specify 
  2. an email address and internet access.



What if we need help?

 Should you have any questions or concerns about your account, you can reach us through the online "Contact Us" form or email or call 18004812399.