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Biophoretics began in 2005 in a unique location; the High Sierras of California. Our focus was developing

an automated 2D electrophoresis platform. In late 2009 Biophoretics became a manufacturer and distributor

of high value instruments, reagents and biochemicals to help scientists in academia, biopharma and

pharmaceutical organizations solve complex problems. Our manufacturing partners are committed to

excellence, many providing products made under ISO certifications and GMP processes.  The products

we sell are used for proteomics, genomics and cell biology. 

Our commitment

Biophoretics exists to serve the needs of our customers. Our goal and commitment is to help you do better

science by providing high quality products and service at the best possible prices.  We guarantee it.

Service Guarantee 

If you have a complaint we'll try our best to fix it to your satisfaction; and if we don't have the product you need  we'll source it.  We are always interested in what you have to say about how we can improve product selection, performance and service. Your constructive comments are always welcome; they help us improve the product selection and service for you.

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