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Protein MW Markers 2

DGel Sciences offers an extensive range of products for electrophoresis including precast gels, molecular weight markers, running buffers, acrylamide solutions, transfer membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF and Nylon), empty cassettes and electrophoresis equipment. Use the navigation bar on the left side to browse through our extensive catalog offering.

In 2010, DGel Sciences introduced its extensive line of molecular weight markers for protein electrophoresis. These markers come in both unstained and prestained varieties to suit any laboratory need.

Also new for 2011 are DGel Sciences' IDNice™, IDBond™ Nylon and IDBond™ PVDF transfer membranes made from the highest quality nitrocellulose, nylon and PVDF available on the market. With IDNice™ and IDBond™ you get exceptional transfer results, clean bands with a clear background and availability in a wide variety of formats including rolls and precut membranes.

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