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Alpha Technics
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Alpha Technics is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of precision thermal measurement solutions ranging from industrial NTC Thermistor Sensors to automated Test & Measurement Systems and Software. The Alpha Technics Sensor Group is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of high precision NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor sensors, platinum RTD's, and custom probe assemblies used to effectively monitor, measure, and control temperature in various applications. Special emphasis is given to the ability to deliver precision devices with tolerances as tight as +/-0.05°C as a standard product and custom made devices, engineered to meet specific customer requirements, in low medium, or high volume quantities. Alpha's global presence and distribution network is supported by modern U.S.... More

Backyard Brains
About "Backyard Brains" As grad students at the University of Michigan, co-founders Tim and Greg often interacted with schoolchildren during neuroscience outreach events. We often wanted to show real "spiking" activity to students, but this was impossible due to the high cost of equipment. By using off-the-shelf electronics, we designed kits that could provide insight into the inner workings of the nervous system. Our first product, the Spikerbox, uses invertebrates to help you learn about how the cells in the brain work to communicate. We also have an EMG SpikerBox that you can use to record electrical activity produced by cells in human muscles. We just recently launched the Completo which is a full tabletop, portable electrophysiology rig. All of our products are accompanied with Lesson Plans and Experiments to make learning (and teaching) neuroscience a breeze. We also have three products that are still in beta: the RoboRoach, that can give you... More

Bioer Technology
    BIOER TECHONOLOGY CO., LTD is specialized in the development, production, marketing and service of life science instruments and reagents.   BIOER owns an advanced factory with the total occupation area of 26,000 M2 and a floor area of 15,000 M2. BIOER has high-class establishments such as 10,000 class super clean workshop, GMP reagent workshop, Laboratory Center, and so on.     Based on its own unique manufacturing background subject to Peltier and skilled design capability, BIOER started from 1995 on the R&D of peltier applications. Bioer launched the first thermal cycler (PCR instrument) based on peltier technology in 1998. Fully met the international advanced level, it passed the identification of Zhejiang Drug Administration, and won the registration certificate of medical devices, and got the patent issued by the state. BIOER compiled the first enterprise standard subject to thermal... More

Biomiga, Inc.  is an innovative biotech research and service company based in San Diego, California.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality laboratory products while maintaining the best possible service and support to our end-users.  Our products maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness through our cutting-edge technology and process. Biomiga owns the manufacturing process, enabling us to control both the quality of the products as well as the price.  Our products are more reliable and effective while often costing less than half the price of our competitors. Biomiga can customize its products to meet a client’s exact specifications and requirements. Biomiga provides full service support to all our clients through the entire process.  Our support and sales staffs are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We stand behind all our products with a full guarantee. ... More

About BIOpHORETICS Biophoretics began in 2005 in a unique location; the High Sierras of California. Our focus was developing an automated 2D electrophoresis platform. In late 2009 Biophoretics became a manufacturer and distributor of high value instruments, reagents and biochemicals to help scientists in academia, biopharma and pharmaceutical organizations solve complex problems. Our manufacturing partners are committed to excellence, many providing products made under ISO certifications and GMP processes.  The products we sell are used for proteomics, genomics and cell biology.  Our commitment Biophoretics exists to serve the needs of our customers.  Our goal and commitment is to help you do better science by providing high quality products and service at the best possible prices.  We guarantee it. Service Guarantee  If you have a complaint... More

Biosof LLC
Biosof develops, commercializes and markets bioinformtatics solutions for the annotation, analysis and curation of genomic data. Our solutions help genomics and proteomics researchers in the biopharma industry and in academia leverage computational power to discover new drug leads, verify lab experiments and cut significant research time. Biosof currently holds distribution licenses to research-enabling technology from several institutions including Columbia University, Technische Universität München and Tel Aviv Univeristy.

Bodkin Design & Engineering
Bodkin Design & Engineering (BD&E) is an engineering services provider that has demonstrated a number of state-of-the-art solutions for some of our customer’s most challenging sensing problems. Since 1992, BD&E has provided product development, innovation, and engineering services to the industrial, commercial, military, and research communities. BD&E has successfully introduced a broad range of products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies and has secured numerous industry patents for its clients. These system-level solutions draw on our expertise in: optics, electro-optics, opto-mechanics, imaging, spectroscopy, sensors, instrumentation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics. Creative, cost-effective solutions are made possible by BD&E's extensive experience with diverse technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify key performance requirements and to effectively navigate the complex trade-space of price and performance to arrive at... More

dGel Sciences
DGel Sciences offers an extensive range of products for electrophoresis  including precast gels, molecular weight markers, running buffers, acrylamide solutions, transfer membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF and Nylon), empty cassettes and electrophoresis equipment. Use the navigation bar on the left side to browse through our extensive catalog offering. In 2010, DGel Sciences introduced its extensive line of  molecular weight markers  for protein electrophoresis. These markers come in both unstained and prestained varieties to suit any laboratory need. Also new for 2011 are  DGel Sciences' IDNice™, IDBond™ Nylon and IDBond™ PVDF  transfer membranes made from the highest quality nitrocellulose, nylon and PVDF available on the market. With IDNice™ and IDBond™ you get exceptional transfer results, clean bands with a clear background and availability in a wide variety of formats including rolls and precut... More

Fiber Optic Network Technology Co
FONT, a leading manufacturer of fused single mode, multimode and large core fiber optic couplers/splitter, WDMs and attenuators. In addition to our standard products, we custom design and fabricate specialty products for splitting or combining light from UV to Visible and IR wavelengths. Applications: Telecom, Cable TV, Biomedicine, Sensor technology, Aerospace technology  R&D Test and measurement

FOCtek Photonics Inc.
  Located in Fuzhou, a coastal city in South East China, FOCtek has become one of China’s leading manufacturers of optical components, crystal components and optical assemblies. Founded in 2002, FOCtek has had a strong and steady growth that has lead us to today’s staff of over 300 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators, mechanical engineers, process engineers, optical engineers and coating designers. Our manufacturing capabilities consist of all types of custom manufactured lens, Beam Splitters, Polarizing Optics, Prisms, Filters, Coatings, Optical Systems, Optical Assemblies and Optical Systems Solutions, Laser Crystals, NLO Crystals. The products are widely used in non-contact inspection, medical, automation, precision instruments, automotive, military, semiconductor, micro-measuringsystems ,Biometric System,Surveying Equipments,Security,CCTV,and Machine Vision .      Sales have been Global since... More