On-chip plasma generation out of whole blood

The membrane chip enables you to generate blood plasma from 20-40 µl of whole blood (stabilized or non-stabilized) within less than 2 minutes. The yield is roughly 50% of plasma. A special membrane inside the chip retains all blood cells. The pure plasma migrates through the filter.

Required tools & ingredients
1. Chip with 4 plasma generation membranes (15-1504-0200-02)
2. Mini Luer plugs (09-0550-0000-09)
3. Eppendorf vessel

The application procedure includes three steps:
1. Preparation of the chip
2. Sample loading
3. Filtration

Preparation steps:
The ventilation ports of the membrane chip are closed with Mini Luer plugs and the chip is placed on a bench in the shown orientation.

Sample loading:
Pipette the designated volume (between 20 and 40 µl) of whole blood into Luer-inlet-port of the membrane chip.

Use a pipette (for yellow tips) with a set volume of 100 µl. Press the pipette tip tightly into the sample outlet port and suck slowly for ~30 sec. Formation of air bubbles during filtration is normal and has no effect on the generated plasma. Fill the filtrated plasma into a fresh Eppendorf tube.

Based on your starting volume, between 10 and 20 µl of blood plasma will be generated. It should be clear, light yellow and free of blood cells.

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