On-chip DNA-isolation from full blood with ChipGenie edition P starter kit 4

Starting with full blood the ChipGenie® edition P starter kit 4 allows for an on-chip isolation of PCR-competent genomic DNA in less than 15 minutes.

Required tools & ingredients:
1. ChipGenie® edition P instrument (08-0487-0000-00, 695.00 €)
2. ChipGenie® edition P starter kit 3 – DNA extraction – THREE STEP PROCEDURE (11-0817-0000-00, 460.00 €)
3. A waste reservoir

The application procedure includes:
1. The preparation steps for the chip
2. The on-chip lysis and purification
3. The DNA elution

Preparation steps 1:
1. Close one inlet and one outlet port of the chamber with a Mini Luer plug.

Preparation steps 2:
2. Place chip into the ChipGenie® P instrument.
3. If you would like to work with a pump: After closure of the frame, insert Mini Luer-connectors into the open outlet ports of the chip.

Lysis and purification:
4. Incubate 40 µl whole blood, 60 µl mcs lysis & binding buffer & 20 µl mcs wash buffer 2 off-chip.
5. Fill the complete reaction mixture into one of the two rhombic chambers of the chip.
6. Start the magnet and run mixing for 5 min.
7. Stop magnet.
8. Empty the chamber with air with the help of a pipette.
9. Fill the chamber with 120 µl mcs wash buffer 1.
10. Start magnet for 30 sec.
11. Stop magnet.
12. Repeat steps 9-11 two more times.

DNA elution:
13. Fill the chamber with 50 µl mcs elution buffer.
14. Set the temperature to 55 °C.
15. Start magnet for 5 min.
16. Stop magnet.
17. Disconnect the Mini Luer-connector from the outlet port and aspirate the eluate with the help of a pipette.

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