Chips interfaces and handling – first steps

This chapter describes first basic steps to start with microfluidic standard chips. It introduces the
different fluidic interfaces on chip and their counterpart off chip, tubes to be used and the connection
to pumps.
Fluidic interfaces on chip
Referring to standard equipment and nomenclature deriving from laboratory automation and routine
laboratory use, a short glossary for the various microfluidic accessories being applied is convenient
for a common use of microfluidics. This refers mainly to the fluidic interfaces using the Luer and Luer
Lok adapters in female and male version as plugs or fluid connectors commonly spread in medical
technology, the shrunk versions thereof specially designed for microfluidics called Mini Luer fluid
connectors and Mini Luer plugs, olives embedded on chip as well as simple through holes. Examples
of these fluid connectors are shown in the figures below.
In all chapters explaining the use of the different interfaces, a choice of accessories being suited to
carry out the experiments is summarized in order to start right away with the practical work.