Plasma/serum generation chips

Microscopy slide chips with 4 membranes for plasma/serum generation out of full blood. Each
membrane can generate roughly 12 – 15 µl plasma/serum out of 25 µl full blood. Each unit of the
plasma/serum generation chip consists of a Luer interface (1) for blood loading, a support channel with
a cross-section of 300 µm × 100 µm (2) for the transfer of the blood on top of a separation membrane
(3) that is fused into a chip-based chamber of 10 mm diameter, a plasma/serum collection channel (4)
below the membrane, and a ventilation channel of 100 µm × 100 µm (5) also below the membrane.
The vacuum is applied via the collection channel and a second interface (6) to the outer world. A third
interface (7), which is closed during the sample loading, helps to smoothly release the slight vacuum if
the membrane pores are blocked by the solid components of the blood such as erythrocytes, monocytes,
platelets, or leucocytes.
The chips are offered without (membrane chip 0168) and with an additional venting line (membrane
chip 200) to allow for an easier filling of the membrane chamber itself.
Upon request, the platform can be equipped with customer-specific membranes. Please contact us
for feasibility and pricing.