Microfluidic Connector Probes

Microfluidic connector probes (formerly available from Cascade Microtech) allow an easy, bubble-free,
reusable, and non-destructive fluidic and electrical contacting of planar microfluidic chips. Applications
include chip-based electrophoresis, electrokinetic pumping or mixing. The microfluidic probes contain
fluidic and/or electrical connections and are available in three different versions. The probes have a
6.35 mm diameter hole for connection to a fixture (not included):
Provides fluidic contact via a planar sealing face.
Fluidic input is provided by a standard Upchurch Nanoport connector.
Provides electrical contact for up to 5 kV to a chip through a platinum wire tip.
The holder provides insulation between the probe tip and positioner.
Combines fluidic and electrical contacts (up to 5 kV). Ideal for chip-based electrophoresis experiments
in case of planar chips with holes as fluidic reservoirs.