Microfluidic Chip Support Kits - Microfluidic And Chip-PCR Support Kits

The microfluidic support kits comprise different components necessary for running microfluidic
systems. This includes tubes to bring the fluid into the chip, and silicone tubes to enable the
interconnection between for example a microfluidic ChipShop fluidic platform chip and tubing, or
between tubing and a syringe. Forceps can be used to stop a flow by clamping a silicone tube and
syringes to fill chips manually.
These small kits allow you to directly start with your microfluidic experiments without losing time
searching for suitable components.
Comparable to the microfluidic support kits, the chip-PCR support kits enable you to directly start
with your continuous-flow PCR from the fluidic side. They include tubes and mineral oil to drive the PCR.
Besides this and the PCR system consisting of chip and thermocycler, only your own biological reagents
are needed to start the PCR.