Microfluidic Device – Storage & Transport Boxes

Despite that most of the standard microfluidic modules come in standard formats like the microscopy
slide or microtiter-plate format, standard storage solutions do not necessary cope with the demand
either in respect of clean handling or the special format of the microfluidic devices that have e.g. a
different thickness than their “standard” counterpart or have integrated fluidic interfaces that also
might interfere with conventional solutions.
microfluidic ChipShop’s chip storage solutions are specially adapted to the design features of
microfluidic devices.
Two storage box types are available. Both allow for an easy uptake of the chip by sliding the top
cover. One box type allows for the storage of microfluidic devices in the size of a microscopy slide
with thickness ranging from 1 – 2 mm, the other option copes with thicker devices from 3 to 4 mm