Microscopy Slide Platforms – Fluidic Interface: Luer

Our Luer platforms are equipped with standard Luer connectors known from the medical field and are
especially suited for operations working with a male Luer counterpart, as is found in conventional
syringes. This opens the way for manual operations and the direct transfer of samples taken with a
syringe to the chip. Furthermore, they are perfectly suited as press-fittings to connect with an instrument.
Luer microfluidic platforms are available with either Luer connectors on either side with a symmetrical
arrangement and 9 mm spacing or five Luer connectors on either side with a spacing of 13.5 mm and an
offset of 2.5 mm from the center. The Luer connectors ensure leak-tight connections up to pressures of
several bar, enough for complex chips with comparatively high back-pressures.