Microscopy Slide Platforms – Fluidic Interface: Olives

Our olive microfluidic platforms enable a direct interface of tubing and microfluidic chips. For
example, silicone tubes can be used to connect the olives with standard PE or PTFE tubing or PEEK
capillaries. The silicone tubing easily slides over the tapered olives and guarantees a hermetic seal up to
pressures of approximately 3 bar (42 psi). This connector is especially suited to non-automated
experiments where syringes or other external pumps are to be connected to the chip. To minimize
experimental variations due to the pressure-induced expansion of a longer silicone tube, short sections
of silicone tubing can be used to connect stiff tubes (e.g. PTFE, PEEK, or PE tubing) with either the chip or
the pump. This interface results in a dead volume of roughly 2 μl due to the internal volume of the olives
which is added to the dead volume of the tubing.