Fluidic Platforms For Custom Design

The investment in an injection-molding tool is quite frequently between the choice of a chip in a unique
outer format and an existing format. microfluidic ChipShop‘s unique “Design-your-Lab Concept”
enables you to benefit from existing injection-molding tools for quite common microfluidic chip formats
like the microscopy slide, the microtiter plate, or the CD, avoiding the costs of investing in your own
injection-molding tool.
Within this chapter, our standard formats, including various kinds of fluidic interfaces, are summarized.
The interfacing side of the device has a fixed geometry while the bottom part is free for your individual
design. All platforms are available as blank slides with the respective interfaces. This allows a rapid
prototyping of structures e.g. by direct mechanical machining of the microstructures into the slides.
This method of prototyping yields devices which have an identical “look&feel” to a molded part
including the fluidic interfaces and the chemical properties. The only difference to a molded part is the
slightly increased surface roughness which gives the machined areas a matt appearance.