LabSmith CapTite Components For Fluidic Interfaces

CapTite components are designed for high-pressure and low dead volumes. They can be used on
microfluidic chips containing simple holes as access ports such as the straight channel chips in chapter (product codes 01-0152-0143-01 to 01-0161-0138-02) or cross-shaped channel chips in
chapter (product codes 02-0758-0082-01 to 02-0765-0166-02). They can be interfaced directly
with LabSmith’s hardware such as syringe pumps and valves (for hardware details see
An example of a cross-shaped channel chip with three bonded port connectors and three chip reservoirs
is shown below.
A choice of different components is available allowing for various connection options. This includes:
• Bonded port connectors: Bonds to port on chip for capillary-chip interface. Compatible with approx.
1 mm port size. Material: Ultem
• Chip reservoir: Threads into bonded port connector to provide 85 μl fluid reservoir. Also connects to
Luer tip syringe for low pressure connection.
• Luer Lok adapter: Female fitting for connecting syringe to 360 μm OD capillary. Material: PEEK.
• One piece fitting: For connecting 360 μm OD capillary to CapTite components. Material: PEEK.
• One piece plug: For plugging unused CapTite ports. Material: PEEK.
• Complete LabSmith connection kit: The kit contains besides 15 bonded port connectors, 15 one
piece fittings, 5 one piece plugs, 5 chip reservoirs and 2 Luer Lok adaptors all accessories
needed to mount the devices on a chip such as epoxy adhesive and a wrench for the CapTite
connectors as well as 360 μm OD capillary to connect the chip to peripherals.
• Cross-shaped channel chips with integrated threads.