Male Luer Plugs

The male Luer plugs enable to close the female Luer and Luer Lok interfaces on our fluidic platforms.
With the help of these plugs, liquid can be moved with the female Luer interface into the fluidic
channels on chip, and the fluidic interface itself is safely closed in order to avoid a contamination risk.
A version with retaining strip allows to directly attach the Male Luer plug to a lab-on-a-chip device
with a suitable counterpart for the pin at the end of the strip. This is a convenient method to ensure an
easy handling of the overall device.

Alternatively, a version of the Luer plug is available which has a reduced plug length and thus displaces
less volume in the Luer interface when applied. While the standard Luer plug displaces a volume of
approx. 55 μl, the reduced height Luer plug only displaces 20 μl.