Micropumps from Bartels Mikrotechnik

Micropumps transporting the tiniest amounts of gases or liquids can be considered the heart of
microfluidics. In many sectors they have become indispensable. Dosing lubricants, feeding fuel cells
with methanol or mixing starch into the steam of flat irons are only a few of the manifold tasks
they fulfill. Many further fields of application for example are located in medical technologies and
analytics. Extremely small in size and low in weight, with good particle tolerance and temperature
resistance, Bartels micropumps are well prepared to be used in any of these sectors. As they are
almost completely made of plastics, large quantities of these pumps can be produced at low cost and
may well be used as disposables. These piezo-driven membrane pumps are available in starter kits
to quickly enable the user to familiarize themselves with the technology. The kits contain three mp6
micropumps, a controller/controller board and suitable tubing.