CorSolutions Peristaltic Pumps

The CorSolutions PeriWave pump is a high performance peristaltic-based pump with an integrated
flow sensor and closed-loop feedback technology. As the pump measures the actual flow rate and
provides the information back to the motor, smooth pulse-less flow as well as programmable wave
functions are possible. The pump’s high performance derives from the fact that fluid is measured, as
compared to syringe and traditional peristaltic pumps where only a fixed theoretical displacement
mechanism is used. The PeriWave pump may be operated in a positive or negative flow direction.
Since the pump is peristaltic-based, fluid may be recycled back to the fluid source container. This
feature is particularly useful and cost effective when delivering expensive cell culture media such as
with cell/body/organ-on-a-chip applications. Additionally the waveform control allows for the unique
capability of shear flow cell growth experiments. Two or more PeriWaves can be connected with a tee,
and used together in concert.
The PeriWave pump comes in 3 models for aqueous-based solutions and includes PC-based software:
• 40 – 7000 nl/min
• 1 – 50 μl/min
• 30 – 1000 μl/min
Maximum delivery pressure is 1 bar calibrated for aqueous solutions.