PDMS Channel Plate Flow Cells

The Channel Plate (CP) is a precast silicone gel layer that comes with a polycarbonate body (lid)
containing all necessary threaded holes so that it is ready to use. The channel is closed by a coverslip
(that can be plain or equipped with a microarray, nanostructures, cultured cells, etc.). The use of the
system is simple: Add tubes, insert the Channel Plate into the MicCell support, and place it in an inverted
microscope. Plasma activation of the PDMS to seal the channel is usually not necessary. Different
channel shapes are available; the S-shape, for instance, is an unbranched channel running from one
corner to the other, for shear stress or other experiments. Other designs are available on request.
The polycarbonate (PC) body above the PDMS Channel Plate that contains all fluidic connections can be