The MicCell system from our partner GeSim is a modular and versatile system to create individual PDMS
microchannel setups and run own rapid prototyping experiments under the microscope. Its fluidic system
is made of PDMS elastomer (silicone) – precast microchannel layers can be bought (called PDMS
Channel Plates) or they can be self-made at user side with a special casting station. The system is easy to
use, and it the entire periphery can be reused with new microfluidic channel designs. Items needed for
the new microfluidic design are a new master and PDMS solution.
The modularity of the system allows to start with a small setup (also using existing syringe pumps) and
grow bigger as required. Standard MicCells can be purchased in the sizes 22 mm x 22 mm and 25 mm x
75 mm; special designs (e. g. with microelectrodes) are available on request.