Mirus Evo Nanopump with PC control via VenaFlux Assay software


• Includes MultiFlow8 for precision flow splitting with equal flow rate in each channel.
• MultiFlow8 contains 8 valves which can be switched on/off independently.
• Higher throughput enabling 8 assays in parallel.
• Patented flow damper to decrease syringe pump pulses.
• Flow rate: 100 nl/min – 10 ml/min ±1% (syringes available: 50 μl – 5 ml).
• Dead volume: ~ 600 μl
• Flow direction reversible
• PC controlled via VenaFlux Assay software.


Microfluidic applications; Single Cell analysis; Microfluidic syringe pump for cell analysis under shear
flow in biochips. Suitable for cell samples and whole blood samples.