Assay chip 3 – Assay development chip for magnetic bead based or hybridization assays

A 300 μl deep central chamber with 30 μl inner volume is the reaction cavity of this chip. To keep the
components in the chamber either magnetic beads can be used which need to be operated by an
external magnet or catcher molecules have to be immobilized on the surface of the cavity. Controlled
by two turning valves liquids can be supplied and removed, air pressure can be applied and venting
can be ensured.
Liquid supply and air pressure are foreseen through the female Mini Luer interfaces on chip.
The chip is equipped with the following main elements:
• Cavity with 30 μl volume
• 2 turning valves
To operate this chip Mini Luer male fluid connectors, Mini Luer plugs as well as silicone and Teflon
tubings are of use to allow for the connection of the chip with pumps. Direct filling of the chip with
a pipette is possible, the use of pipette connectors is appreciated by several operators. The turning
valves can be rotated with a special manual turning valve manipulator. All these accessories are
combined in the integrated chip support kit 3.