Dielectrophoresis system DEP

With this system, which comprises an 8-channel high frequency signal generator (DEP1) and a
microfluidic chip (DFC1) with integrated electrodes (see Fig. 295), single suspension cells can be
trapped (up to two at a time) in a laminar flow of a given aqueous solution without any physical contacts
to solid objects.
An ensemble of eight microelectrodes (an electric field cage) produces a high-frequency electromagnetic
field that acts on the cells and forces them with micrometer precision to a defined position in the
micofluidic channel of the chip. The forces acting on the cells are sufficiently strong to maintain the
position of the cell against the flow of the solution in the channel.
By adding a reagent of interest (ligands, antibodies, signal molecules etc.) to the solution, the cell
can be exposed to the reagent with high temporal resolution while the cellular response to it can
be monitored by optical microscopy. As tested under various experimental conditions, cell viability is
maintained for hours, under optimal conditions even for up to days.
• Specifications DEP1: weight 360 g, size w x d x h = 18 cm x 9 cm x 5.5 cm
• The system comes with connecting cable for the electrical contacts.
• Fluid connection to the chip is realized by olive connectors with OD of 1.6 mm and ID 0.7 mm