microfluidic ChipShop offers an innovative system for PCR on the chip. Different from conventional
PCR with heating-up and cooling-down cycles, in this chip-PCR system the complete reaction vessel
is temperature controlled: The PCR solution flows through separated temperature zones, winding itself
through the temperature profile. The time-determining step in PCR – the carrying out of the repeated
heating and cooling cycles – is no longer necessary since the temperature in the heating zones remains
constant and only the liquid undergoes the temperature cycling.
The PCR system comprises the PCR chip and the thermocycler (or better: thermal control unit, as no
cycling in the conventional sense is involved) that has been specially developed for Lab-on-a-Chip
applications. A pump moves the PCR solution through the chips. In comparison to conventional systems,
this lab-on-a-chip PCR system allows for a significant reduction of the PCR reaction time: Without much
optimization, a 15-cycle PCR can be completed in less than five minutes.
In order to allow you easy use of the PCR system we offer chip-PCR support kits (that include tubes and
mineral oil for pumping the PCR solution) as well as pumps for the driving of the fluids.