Straight channel chips – Microtiter-plate format – Fluidic interface: Through-holes

The SBS titer-plate format (85.48 mm x 127.76 mm) is a worldwide standard used by almost all pieces of equipment in the laboratory. To easily integrate a microfluidic development into existing lab environments, we have developed a microfluidic platform with the outer dimensions of a standard microtiter plate. The plate is equipped with four labeled sets of 16 microchannels each, with the dimensions 2 mm width, 150 µm height, and 18 mm length. Fluidic access is easily provided by conical openings of 2.5 mm diameter at either channel end. The plate is available in a variety of polymer materials like PC, PS, PMMA, or COP (Zeonor), either in its native state or hydrophilically primed for self-filling of the microchannels with aqueous solutions. It is possible to include surface functionalization in the channels like the spotting of DNA probes, etc. (see Fig. 26: Microfluidic titer plate with spotted probes). Applications include cell-based assays, hybridization assays, or small volume chemical synthesis.