1 Channel Temperature Verification Kit, Alpha Technics

1 Channel Temperature Verification Kit Icon_RedArrow_Down

Our 1 Channel Temperature Verification Kit is one of our finest precision thermometry products. This product is designed for thermal cycler verification, and can be powered by a simple 9V battery. The calibration standards are traceable to NIST, and can fit 60,90,and 384 well sized Thermal Cycler Blocks.


Alpha Technics 1 Channel Temperature Verification Kit

Designed for thermal cycler verification
All systems are self-contained and battery operated
Calibration Standards traceable to NIST
Kit Includes:

Thermal Cycler Well probes
One digital Thermometer (Model 4500 with a 9V battery installed)
User’s Manual
Carrying case
Modified consumables for positioning the probe in the instrument

Probe Features:


High temperature Insulating Pad
Mold Formed Epoxy Sensor Enclosure
Simply plug & play by using Alpha
Technics 4500 Thermometer
Fits 60, 96, & 384 well size Thermal Cycler Block
Contains flexible tubing for easy use

Note: The 200 Series Smart Probes (0.02 mL, 0.2 mL, and the 0.5 mL) are also available separately. 


Temperature Range:
4 °C to +99 °C

± 0.1°C over calibration period

± 0.1 °C *

* Accuracy: Ambient temp between 18°C & 28°C. Traceable to NIST.

Calibration Period:
1 year with <50 hours at 100°C/yr