Customize Standard Microfluidic Chips - Spotting

The integration of protein- or DNA-arrays on a chip is one frequently requested option from research settings. Although a spotting service is offered from us, many research labs would like to evaluate special targets and functionalization methods and do their own spotting.

For these users, several chip types are at hand, having an integrated fluidic channel that remains open for the spotting at customer’s side. A double-sided adhesive tape with approximately 140 µm thickness is mounted on the delivered chip with open channels. That means after the spotting just the protective foil needs to be removed and either a thin foil of the same material of a glass slide can be mounted on top.+

M2-Automation offers an easy to use and robust micro-dispensing (spotting) solution. The spotter instrumentTWO is recommended in order to start right away with your own spotting tasks. As chip modules for self-assembling of the cover lid on spotted devices, several straight channel chips are available.