Plasmid DNA Purification

·        Superior PurityThis patented Plasmid Purification system uses no chaptropic salts in the buffer, and the resulting purified DNA is free of guanidine salts, cesium chloride, ethidium bromide and ion exchange resin residues, which enable the highest performance of downstream applications including gene therapy and genetic vaccination.

·         Ultra High Yield: When comparing Biomiga' Plasmid Purification System to other purification methods, our methodology produces higher DNA yield while requiring fewer bacterial cultures.

·         Time Saving: Using our unique Megaprep Kit, 10 mg plasmid DNA can be purified from 1,000 mL culture within 1 hour!

·         Environmentally Friendly: The EZgene System is the only method available that does not utilize Guanidine Salt, a hazardous protein denaturant, in the silica based purification system, which will ensure the safety and health of scientists and the environment!



Advanced Isolation Technologies/Formats:

Biomiga offers a wide range of technology options for plasmid isolations designed to meet your requirements of process time, purity, down stream applications.

ezFilter:  A syringe filter is used to clear bacteria lysate and remove SDS precipitates. This step replaces the traditional high-speed centrifugation, and saves 10-30 minutes of processing time.

EndoFree: Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a bacterial endotoxin and a major constituent of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria. During gram-negative bacteremia or endotoxemia, LPS is the principal pathophysiological mediator by which bacteria can cause hypotension, organ failure, disseminated intravascular coagulation, or fatal shock in mammalian hosts. The removal of these endotoxins is highly necessary for downstream applications. The EndoFree kit contains a reagent for the removal of  lipopolysaccharides (LPS). A super-fast way to make endo-free plasmids.

Vacuum Manifold: This device enables vacuum for most clearance/binding/washing steps. 

MgPure:  Using magnetic beads, this novel method rapidly purifies plasmid DNA with higher yield. 


Main Category Subcategory Description Selection Guide
Plasmid Purification Kit Plasmid Miniprep Isolate 10-120 ug of plasmid DNA in less than 25 minutes.


Plasmid Midiprep Isolate up to 400 ug of plasmid DNA in less than 30 - 60 minutes.
Plasmid Maxiprep Isolate 500-1000 ug of plasmid DNA within 45-60 minutes.
Plasmid Megaprep Isolate 3-10mg of plasmid DNA within 60 minutes.
96-well Plasmid Miniprep Rapidly purify plasmid DNA in a 96-well format using lysate clearance plates.
Vacuum Manifold A novel method for rapidly purify plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes.
Endofree Plasmid Isolation EndoFree Plasmid Isolation Isolate endotoxin-free plasmid DNA for high efficiency transfection in less than 60 minutes.
Magnetic Beads Plasmid Isolation Magnetic Beads Plasmid Isolation A novel method for rapidly purify plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes.
Uracil template preparation kit Uracil template preparation kit This kit is designed to generate uracil containing DNA strand for site-directed mutagenesis  
Yeast Plasmid Purification Kits Yeast Plasmid Purification Kits For the Rapid Isolation of Yeast Plasmid DNA.  
endA+ Strains endA+ Strains Isolate plasmid DNA from endonuclease(s)-contained bacterium.