Application Development - Assay & Reagent Implementation

The transfer of biological and chemical assays on chip as well as reagent implementation and surface
modification are central elements for the development of lab-on-a-chip systems. We offer our customers
these application related services in order to facilitate the overall product development. Our
equipped laboratories can be commonly used for development and quality control purposes.
Lab-on-a-chip systems target to make biological and diagnostic assays simpler, more sensitive, less
error prone and to combine several assay steps conventionally done in different systems in one device.
To cope with the complex task to develop such systems, standard assay steps need to be adapted to
the special requirements of the microfluidic surrounding as well as topics like surface functionalization
or dry and liquid reagent storage have to be addressed.
Independent how different the custom specific assays themselves are, the underlying principle and
general steps to transfer the assay on chip have similar requirements and are part of microfluidic
ChipShop’s daily business.
Facilitating assay and product development for our customers, microfluidic ChipShop offers the
following special services including the validation of the respective processes together with the
- Reagent implementation
• Dry reagent storage
o Examples
– PCR master mixes
– PCR primers and probes
– Cell lysis reagents
– Beads for DNA extraction
– Buffer
• Liquid reagent storage
o Storage in blister packs
o Storage in tanks or syringes
- Spotting
• DNA arrays
• RNA arrays
• Protein arrays
- Assay transfer on chip
- Transfer of instrument platforms to custom products together with the microfluidic device and the
respective application.
To cope with these tasks, equipped biological and chemical laboratories and experienced application
teams are at hand.

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