Adeno-Associated Virus Purification Maxi Kit, serotype 2 and DJ, Biomiga

Adeno-assiciated viruses, belong to the replication deficient parvovirus family, are small single-stranded DNA viruses. AAVs are important gene delivery tools, which 

have been used in gene therapy and RNAi delivery. 


Traditionally AAVs are purified by ultracentrifugation using CsCl to separate the virus particles from cellular proteins and media components. The CsCl 

ultracentrifugation procedure is time consuming and limited to the volume of cell lysate to be processed. 


The ViraTrapTM AAV maxi purification kit is designed for efficient purification of rAAV (Serotype 2 and DJ) vector transfected cell line. Up to 3 x 1012 

viral particles can be purified from cell lysate of 6 x T75 flasks. 


Each column can be regenerated for purifying the same rAAV. For optimized viral binding and recovery, each column can be regenerated only once. 


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