Diode Laser, SLOC

Standard Diode Laser

SLOC manufactures a comprehensive line of Diode lasers and laser systems for laboratory and OEM applications. Available wavelengths range from 375nm in the ultraviolet to 1940nm in the near infrared, with powers ranging from a few milliwatts to several watts.

Laser Series
  Description Key Feature
T Series Temperature Stabilized DPSS Laser TEC Controller, High Stability
RM Series for Raman Application Narrow Spectrum Width, Stabilized Wavelength
N Series Low Noise DPSS Laser Low Noise,
L Series Line Laser Line Laser Projector
P Series Laser Pointer & Portable Laser Drived by Batteries
FC Fiber Coupled  Fiber Coupled to MM fiber
FCLS Fiber Coupled Laser System All in one box
FCLW FIber Coupled Laser System, High Power All in one box, high power
Laser Color
Near UV Diode Laser 375nm
Violet-Blue Diode Laser 405nm
Blue Diode laser 442nm, 447nm, 488nm
Red laser 635nm, 640nm, 655nm, 685nm, 690nm, 705nm, 730nm
Infrared laser 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 845nm, 885nm, 915nm, 940nm, 965nm, 975nm, 980nm, 1450nm, 1470nm, 1530nm, 1550nm, 1560nm, 1700nm, 1900nm, 1940nm