Cyanase Lysis Kit, RiboSolutions

Key Features:

- Complete Cell Lysis of All Common and Hard to Break Cell Types. Mammalian, Yeast, Spores, Mycobacterium, Gram-Positive and Negative Bacterium.

- Fastest Degradation of DNA/RNA of Any Nuclease on the Market. Clarifies Solution as it Lyses. Cyanase� can Be Combined and Stored With Lysis Buffer for Up to 12 Months at 4�C.

-Extremely Fast and Easy to Use. From Cells to Completely Clarified Lysate in as Little as 5 Minutes.

-No Chemicals or Detergent that Might Affect Downstream Applications. Completely Mechanical Cell Lysis Through OmniLyse� Cell Disruptors.

-Totally Disposable Columns Run on Convenient Battery Packs(Sold Separately).


Viral DNA/RNA Isolation

Cell Development Research

Infectious Disease Studies

Proteomics Research

Any Protocol That Requires Cell Disruption

Click on link below for full user protocol.

For Downstream Applications Cyanase� can Easily be Removed From Lysate with any of the available Inactivation Resins.(Cat#110,1015,1020) Try To Do That Using Bug Buster with Benzonase�!

Forget Bug Buster and Benzonase�! Evolve Your Cell Lysis Kits to the 21st Century with Cyanase� Cell Lysis Systems.

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