BM-1 Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform, minusK

Vertical Load Adjustment Crank
Simple manual adjustment compensates for changes in vertical load.

Vertical Load Adjustment Indicator
Easily determine optimum setting using this simple visual indicator.

Vertical Stiffness Adjustment Screw
Dial in Guaranteed 1/2 Hz or less Vertical natural frequency using this simple adjustment.

MinusK's highest capacity bench top isolator. A cost effective product for weight loads up to 1000 lb. and 1/2 Hz performance vertical and horizontal.

They can also be made cleanroom and vacuum capatible.

The curve below shows the typical vertical 1/2 Hz performance of the BM-1. It offers 10-100 times better performance than typical high-performance air tables.

BM-1 Transmissibility Curve


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