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This is the famous Minus K® demo seen by thousands of visitors to Minus K’s trade show exhibits during the past several years.  Others have tried to copy this demo but with little success, and that means our systems will enable you to accomplish what nothing else will.  See below.

This demo illustrates the exceptional performance of Minus K’s 1/2-Hz vibration isolation systems.  A 25BM-4 Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform is supporting a 25 lb steel weight on which is placed a glass of wine, and two coins, a dime and a quarter balanced on their edges.  The platform is supported on a table vibrating at approximately 5 Hz, which is also supporting another glass of wine.  Compare the motions of the wine in the two glasses and note the balanced coins.  Note that there is very slight motion of the wine in the isolated glass.  With our 1/2-Hz system, about 1% of the vibration amplitude at 5 Hz is transmitted to the payload.  See the “Transmissibility Curve.”    

The table is being vibrated mostly horizontally at approximately 5 Hz and an amplitude of approximately 1 mm by an attached shaker.  Comparable isolation performance can be achieved vertically, but it is much more difficult to shake the table vertically.

This demo cannot be performed with typical air tables or typical active systems because air tables provide little or no attenuation of vibrations at 5 Hz and active systems have a limited dynamic range and cannot handle large-amplitude vibrations.    

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