Bacterial gDNA Purification Kit, Biomiga

The EZgeneTM Bacterial genomic DNA purification kit by Biomiga provides a rapid and reliable method for isolating high-quality total cellular DNA from a wide variety of bacterial species. Bacterial cells are grown to log-phase and harvested. The bacterial cell wall is digested by lysozyme and Proteinase K. Following lysis, binding conditions are adjusted and the sample is applied to a DNA column.

The proprietary DNA binding system allows the high efficient binding of DNA to the EZBindTMmatrix while proteins and other contaminates are removed under certain optimal conditions. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with sterile water or Elution Buffer. Purified DNA issuitable for PCR, restriction digestion, and hybridization techniques. Each DNA column can bind approximately 100 ug genomic DNA. Up to 1 x 10 9 bacterial cells can be processed per column. The system combines the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of our ezBind matrix with the speed and versatility of spin column technology to yield up to approximately 15-30 ?g of DNA with an OD260/280ratio of 1.7-1.9. The kit will isolate all cellular DNA, including plasmid DNA.