Tissue & Cell Genomic DNA Purification Kit, Biomiga

The EZgeneTM family of products is an innovative system that radically simplifies the extraction and purification of nucleic acids from a variety of sources. The key to this system is the new ezBindTM matrix that specifically, but reversibly, binds DNA or RNA under certain optimal conditions allowing proteins and other contaminants to be removed. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with deionized water or a low salt buffer. 
The EZgeneTM Tissue DNA Kit provides an easy and rapid method for the isolation of genomic DNA for consistent PCR and Southern analysis. Up to 30 mg of animal tissue, culture cells, mouse tail snips and paraffin-embedded tissue can be readily processed at a time. This kit allows for the single or multiple simultaneous processing of samples. There is no need for phenol/chloroform extractions, and time-consuming steps are eliminated (e.g. precipitation using isopropanol or ethanol). Purified DNA can be directly used for most applications such as PCR, Southern Blotting, and Restriction Enzyme Digestion.