Adeno-Associated Virus Purification Maxi Kit, Serotype 2 & DJ, Biomiga

Adeno-associated viruses (AAV), belong to the replication deficient parvovirus family, are small single-stranded DNA viruses. AAVs are important gene delivery tools, which have been used in gene therapy and RNAi delivery.

Traditionally Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are purified by ultracentrifugation using CsCl to separate the virus particles from cellular proteins and media components. The CsCl ultracentrifugation procedure is time consuming and limited to the volume of cell lysate to be processed.

Biomiga ViraTrapTM adeno-associated purification kit is designed for efficient purification of recombinant AAVs from rAAV vector transfected cell lines. Up to 3x 1012 viral particles can be purified from cell lysate of 6 to 8 x T75 flasks.

Each column can be regenerated for purifying the same rAAV. For optimized viral binding and recovery, each column can be regenerated only once.


ViraTrapTM Adeno-associated Virus Purification Kit Features

•Fast gravity flow or spin procedure within 2 hours.
•Purify up to 3x1012 viral particles from 6 to 8 x T75 flask per column.
•No freeze/thaw cycles that may damage virus.
•Uniquely formulated enzyme for removing DNA/RNA.
V1169 (Mini Kit) and V1269 (Maxi Kit) work for serotypes 2 and DJ. 
V1369 works for 5, 8, and others. 

Figure 1. Purified Adeno-associated Virus Particle Solution On SDS Gel



Kit Contents

Catalog #










Maxi Columns




Can be used twice(Stored at 4°C))

50 mL Collection Tube




Store at RT

Desalting Tube*





Can be Regenerated(Store at 4°C)

Binding Buffer

120 mL

250 mL

2×275 mL

Store at RT

Elution Buffer

20 mL

40 mL

60 mL

Store at RT

Regeneration Buffer

15 mL

30  mL

60 mL

Store at RT

100x Nuclease Reaction Buffer

400 μL

800 μL

1500 μL

Store at RT

Nuclease (25 μ/µL)

30 μL

65 μL

160 μL

Store at -20°C

*Desalting tube could be regenarated and applied on one kind of virus. Desalting tube could be purchased from Biomiga.


Storage and Stability

All components are guaranteed for at least 12 months from the date of purchase when stored as follows: Maxi column and desalting tube should be stored at 4 °C, and all other materials at RT (22-25°C).


Safety Considerations


The rAAV infected cell lysate and the purified virus can be potential bio-hazardous material and can be infectious to human and animals. All protocols MUST be performed under at least Bio-Safety level 2 working condition.



Materials Required But Not Supplied 


•2.PBS Buffer

•3.Cell Scrapers

•4.0.45 μm Syringe Filter (Sterilized before use)

•5.0.22 μm Syringe Filter

•6.10 mL Syringe