High-Capacity Vector / Plasmid (BAC, PAC, Cosmid and P1) Purification Kits, Biomiga

Biomiga's EZgeneTM High Capacity Plasmid Purification Kits are designed for rapid isolation of BAC, PAC, cosmid and P1 from small volume of bacterial cultures.

It is based on a modified alkaline lysis procedure that is specially adapted for spin column. The procedure associated with this kit has been tested using a variety of low copy cosmid, BAC, PAC and P1 in different E. coli strains. In addition, this kit can also be used for high copy plasmid extraction. Two protocols are provided in this handbook for your convenience. The first protocol provides fast and reliable method for purify BAC, PAC, cosmid, P1 and plasmid by using ezBindTM DNA spin column. The second protocol is for the isolation of low-copy cosmid, BAC, PAC, and P1 using linear polyacrylamide.

Kit Contents

Buffer X1, X2, X3, KB, Elution Buffer, Binding Buffer, DNA wash Buffer, Linear Polyacryl amide(for low copy plasmid ), RNase A, ezBindTM Columns, User Manual(1).


Storage and Stability

All EZgeneTM  BAC/PAC DNA Isolation Kit components are guaranteed for at least 12 months from the date of purchase when stored as follows: Buffer A1/RNase A mixture at 4°C, and all other materials at 22-25°C.