Chaotropic Free ezFilter 96-well Plasmid Miniprep , Biomiga


This The EZgeneTM 96-well plasmid kit provides an easy and fast method for isolating high quality plasmid DNA in a high through put format. The key to this system is Biomiga's ezbind matrix that avidly, but reversibly, binds DNA under optimized buffer condition while proteins and other unwanted contaminants are removed by wash buffer. High quality plasmid DNAs are eluted with TE buffer or deionized water. By using the 96-well kit, up to 96 samples can be simultaneously processed in less than 90 minutes. The lysate clearance plate obviates the time-consuming centrifugation step and increases the DNA recovery up to 20%.

This unique kit is designed for producing chaotropic free plasmid DNA in the 96-well format. The OD260/OD230 ratio is greater (>2.2) than regular miniprep kit (>1.8) that uses chaotropic salts. Chaotropic residue free plasmid DNA generates higher transfection efficiency.