Zero-order, Cemented Waveplate, FOCtek

Zero-order Cemented Waveplates, FOCtek

The zero order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of zero full waves, plus the desired fraction. Zero order waveplate shows better performances than multiple order waveplates, it has broad bandwidth and a lower sensitivity to temperature and wavlenght changes. It should be considered for more critical online_orderings.


Dimension Tolerance: -------------------+0.0, -0.2
Wavefront Distortion: ----------------------< l/8@633nm 
00 Parallelism:  ----------------------------------<3 arc second 
Surface quality:  ------------------------------20-10 
Clear aperture: ------------------------------ Central 90% 
AR coated:  ------------------------------------<0.2% @ wavelength

Retardation tolerance: See below table


Wavelength Range <400 532-632.8 780-980 1064 >1310
Retardation Tolerence  <l/100 <l/200 <l/300 <l/400 <l/500


Holder:refer to Holder for waveplate

FOCtek provides standard waveplate wavelengths (nm) listed as below:


266 355 532 632.8 780 808 850 980 1064 1310 1480 1550


Zero Order Waveplates-Cemented by Epoxy
This type of zero order waveplate is constructed of two multiple order waveplate with their axes crossed.Thus,the effect of the first plate is canceled by the second,except for the residual difference between them.

Cemented by Epoxy 
Better Temperature Bandwidth 
Wide Wavelength Bandwidth 
AR Coated, R<0.2%