Zero-order Waveplate, Air-spaced, FOCtek

Zero Order Waveplates, FOCtek

The zero order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of zero full waves, plus the desired fraction. Zero order waveplate shows better performances than multiple order waveplates, it has broad bandwidth and a lower sensitivity to temperature and wavlenght changes. It should be considered for more critical online_orderings.


Dimension Tolerance: -------------------+0.0, -0.2
Wavefront Distortion: ----------------------< l/8@633nm 
00 Parallelism:  ----------------------------------<3 arc second 
Surface quality:  ------------------------------20-10 
Clear aperture: ------------------------------ Central 90% 
AR coated:  ------------------------------------<0.2% @ wavelength

Retardation tolerance: See below table


Wavelength Range <400 532-632.8 780-980 1064 >1310
Retardation Tolerence  <l/100 <l/200 <l/300 <l/400 <l/500


Holder:refer to Holder for waveplate

FOCtek provides standard waveplate wavelengths (nm) listed as below:


266 355 532 632.8 780 808 850 980 1064 1310 1480 1550


Zero Order Waveplate, Air-spaced

  • Double Retardation Plates
  • AR Coated,R<0.2% and Mounted
  • High Damage Threshold
  • Better Temperature Bandwidth
  • Wide Wavelength Bandwidth

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